A Shamanic Priestess Journey

The Visionary Priestess Program© is a

Three Worlds Journey that gives

mission Driven Women shamanic guidance to increase their Achievements, Self-love and Self-Esteem. 


Bring more clarity, meaning, happiness and passion to your life! 

 Don't let Disappointment, Self-rejection, and not enough Self-Love keep you from fulfilling your higher purpose any longer. 



Get Shamanic Spiritual Guidance

So you can discover your true purpose for life

Let go the disappointment of not fulfilling your purpose and get clarity about your mission in this life time.  Discover the meaning in your life so you can live every day with passion.

Getting clarity about your mission and a clear vision about your purpose in life can be a difficult journey. That is why so many times as a mission driving woman you could feel lost, empty, low self-esteem, because you know there is a higher purpose for you. 

You already experience success in several areas in your life, but there is still this emptiness and the lose of passion. 

And because of these situations you know that is time to start the journey again to connect deeply with who are and what mission brought you here. 

This journey will take you to find the clarity about you, your purpose, and live a passionate and happy life. 


Are you ready to live with passion again and embrace a spiritual leadership?


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The Visionary Priestess Journey

In the Heroine's Journey we feel called to quest because things are not working and we seek for solutions. Sometimes we are thrown into it through a personal crisis. Another times simply we feel a yearning for something more that the life we are living. When we feel dissatisfaction about our job, relationships or health, we know that there is something stopping us from moving forward, we feel stuck…

When that happens in your life, it is a sign, a sign to Embrace the Beginning of the New Journey, that will bring Balance into your life and get you the Connection with the Spiritual World and your Higher Self.  

The Visionary Priestess Program©

is a journey through the three worlds, or the tree or life in some traditions:

We start every level of the journey during the new moon in that way her energy supports a new beginning:

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First New Moon: 

Underworld, this part of the journey will invite you to embrace the beginning of the New Journey and will start the movement in your life and bring you more confidence through the identification of the patterns that are blocking you. You will incorporate meditation and ceremony into your life.

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Second New Moon: 

Middle World. This part of the Journey will bring balance to your life. You will get to reconnect with love and respect for yourself. This will help you to feel grounded, and improve your health. 

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Third New Moon:

Upper World. This third part of the journey we work the spiritual connection. This is where we practice being in the moment, being conscious and aware of the forces at play. You will develop your intuition and connect to your higher guidance. You get familiar with different spiritual practices. In this third world you will envision your life the way you desire, and the infinite possibilities to make your dreams your reality. 



Your Guide in the Visionary Priestess Program

Veronica Iglesias, MA, was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Library Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Mesoamerican Studies from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). She was initiated as a sahumadora (bearer of the Sacred Sahumerio) when she was 9 years old. She also was initiated in the sacred knowledge of Mesoamerican shamanism or Ticiyotl, and she became a Portadora de la Palabra, bearer of the Sacred Word. She is a Priestess of

Ix´Cheel, the Mayan Goddess of Medicine.

She also leads Sacred Tours to Mexico.


She co-create the Jade Oracle.

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For The Visionary Priestess Program  

  The Jade Oracle is a very importan tool. During the three Wolds Journey we have the company of several deities of the Mesoamerican Tradition that support the work of the Priestess during the three moon period. 




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