Divine guardians of my ancestors, I call upon you. I ask for your guidance, direction, wisdom and clarity in this space and time.

Jade Oracle

Divination tools have existed from time immemorial, meeting the need of humans to know their destiny and gain a deeper insight for their calling in this life. In Ancient Mexico, various elements such as water, mirrors of obsidian, corn kernels, consumption of plants, flow and rhythm of blood, the observation of the stars and natural occurrences, among other methods, were employed to help guide the seekers toward the best course of action.

I have co-created the Jade Oracle in the spirit of this ancient tradition. The number of cards in the deck, 52, is derived from the two main calendars used throughout ancient Mexico: a 365-day solar calendar and a 260-day ritual calendar. Every 52 years these calendars coincide, and the new cycle is celebrated with the New Fire ceremony that carries both social and spiritual importance. 

Each card features either a deity or a symbol in Nahual tradition, my heritage. My co-creator Anne Key and I combined our academic knowledge with our spiritual experiences in selecting and receiving these archetypes. In alignment with indigenous practitioners, we consider these deities and symbols as spiritual energies, as universal archetypes. Our third co-creator, visionary artist Ramona Snow Teo, brought these symbols and deities to life, taking inspiration from codices, manuscripts and statuary.

The Jade Oracle Reading offers you another perspective to help you understand the current circumstance, prepare for what lies ahead, and reconcile what had come before.

I invite you to connect with these archetypes, the guiding energies, that support the path of introspection and self-knowledge. The Jade Oracle has been known to give clarity and peace to seekers at crucial life moments.

3o minutes / $50
60 minutes  / $100