May the blessings of the Heart of Heaven and the strength and love of the Heart of the Earth be with you. May your jade heart shine and enlighten your path.

Earth Medicine

Indigenous people of Mexico always start a ceremony, a ritual or a healing session, by creating an altar to honor the four directions and the different elements. When we do this we create a sacred space, sacralizing time and space as we honor Mother Earth, Tonantzin, and all the medicine we receive from her.

We create the altar oriented to the east, honoring its symbolic significance of a new beginning we are ready to manifest. This is our way of acknowledging energies, spirits and guardians of the land, the water, the air, and the fire. We pay homage to the spirits of every plant and minerals as they are our allies in a ceremony or a healing session.

Earth medicine is part of many indigenous traditions. Tonantzin has many gifts and blessings to share with us when we connect with her and her living beings in a respectful and loving way. It is about listening to the voices of the elements that surround us and being open to feel this natural connection. Mother Earth offers her nourishments to those seeking peace and harmony with ourselves, our inter and outer cosmos.

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Gem Therapy

Healing properties of gemstones were recognized across the globe by many ancient cultures. Gain clarity and a sense of renewal with gem therapy. Gems such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones are used on the main chakras to restore balance. This session may involve the use of essential oils or gem elixirs.

60 minutes / $159

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Jade Therapy

Jade was considered the most sacred stone for the Mesoamerican people. Jade is associated with the water element. Lying on the jade mat and with additional jade pieces lay along your chakras, the treatment intends to restore your feminine energy. This treatment is ideal for career women who feel fatigued by the male-dominant work environment, or, men who are desiring to be in touch with their feminine side.  

60 minutes / $139

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Turquoise Therapy

This therapy is wonderful to connect with the inner warrior of light. This session will support you in making decisions and taking the control in your life. The turquoise and the Aztec turquoise are two gems that bring protection and clarity with your goals. 

60 minutes / $139

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Kundalini Therapy

With the aid of crystal quartz and obsidian, this spine treatment is intend to address back pain or inflammation. It is also idea for those seeking to boost their immune, respiratory, nervous, or  urinary system. Kundalini Therapy can also liberate emotional and energetic blockages, returning your to a state of balance.

60 minutes / $99

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Essences Therapy

The Essences therapy supports those cultivating self-compassion and self-forgiveness. This therapy is most useful when you are going through major life transformation and want to be a space of Divine Love. The plant essences support connection with your Spiritual Guide and Higher Self.

60 minutes / $199