Recreate Yourself

Change and elevate your story

Recreate Yourself:

Change and elevate your story

A two days retreat focusing in changing the story of your life to empower yourself as a woman who is able to create the life that you want.

This retreat is for women who experience sexual abuse, domestic violence and/or gender violence...

It is very important to mention that violence can be manifested as physical, emotional, financial and verbal abuse.

According with global statistics 1 of every 3 women experience physical or sexual violence. In areas as the Middle East, Latin America and Africa 92%- 99% of women experience sexual harassment. Most of the time this violence starts during childhood and is the same for women and men. This is telling us that a big percentage of the women in the world are living with trauma as a result of their experience.

Very few women receive the attention, help and support to overcome a situation of violence. The result is that women have to figure out by themselves how to continue their lives after a violent episode, and several times the fear, anger, despair, stay with them for the rest of their lives, bringing also difficulties in their social and family life. Situations like these mark the life of many women in our world every day.

In this retreat you will find a safe place to heal yourself, change your story and re-create who you are, as a empowered woman. You will be invited, through different techniques and tools, to start walking a new path, a path of self-discovery and self-empower, re-claiming your birthright to feel safe, and loved.


Every day you have in your hands the beggining of a deep practice of

embodied celebration of living!



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